Administrative Staff

Al Chandler

Pastor / School Superintendent

Jenny Page 

School Principal 

Della Cochran

Administrative Assistant

Emily Burge

Administrative Assistant (Finances)

Carrie Taylor

Guidance Counselor

Teachers 2020-21

Delores Jordan 

Elementary P.E. & Cafeteria Supervisor

Emily Summerville

KinderKids - 3 Yr Olds

& 4th/5th Language Arts

Angie Mason

Kindergarten 4 

Ryan Ruggles

1st Grade 

Janna Mullins

5th Grade 

Josh Hawkins

Middle & High School Math
& 6th grade Bible

Chris Thompson
Laurie Harris

Elementary Music, Art and Drama

Kady Goatley

KinderKids Assistant

Karolyi Hobbs

Kindergarten 4

Paige Darnell

2nd grade

Jinny Woods

Middle School

Darrick Holloman

7th & 8th Grade Bible 

Adam Rogers
Cathy Tibbs

Cafeteria & PE Assistant

Jill Whitaker

Kindergarten 4 Assistant

Denisha Webb

Kindergarten 5 

Jennifer Chandler

3rd & 4th grade

April Thomas 

Middle School

Dee Dee Andersson

High School Electives & Health

Chad Wells 


11th & 12th Grade Bible

High School English & History
& Bible

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