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Our Academics

Our school offers a diverse, yet challenging curriculum tailored to the unique educational needs of all students. From preschool to grade 12, our academic programs are designed with students’ differing learning styles in mind and their varying interests at heart.

Truly effective academics must impart more than basic knowledge. At Northside, our focus is on wisdom, instilling in our students a passion for learning and discovering Biblical truth. Knowing God as the source of all knowledge, students at NBCS will acquire a broader understanding in areas of academics.

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   - 2022-23 School Calendar

Kids in Preschool

Our caring, well-trained preschool 3 & 4 yr old teachers are dedicated to fostering a safe, yet stimulating environment for children to feel both nurtured and encouraged to explore.

Experimenting in Lab
Middle School

Grades 6 thru 8 are a crucial transition period in your child’s life, and our teachers work hard to provide a safe, welcoming, loving environment where your child can grow “in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man”
(Luke 2:52).

Teacher and Student

Our elementary includes grades K-5th grade and provides a structured educational setting inspired by a love of learning and a growing awareness of God in our students’ daily lives.

Classroom Lecture
High School

As students prepare to take the next big step in their lives, our high school teachers guide them through their studies, integrating faith and learning across all subject areas. We equip students to live exemplary Christian lives, and partner with parents to develop their child’s abilities.

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